El Dorado, 1930-1980

Curator: Jordi Petit

Commissioned by GAG, Grup d´Amics Gais

Photo research: Stéphane Breysse








Stonewall Uprising, 1969


Non-realized project Saul Leiter, Early Color

Galería Valid Foto, Barcelona

September-October 2011

Non-realized project De Deporte, una selección de Fotografías de Deportisitas 












Ole Zøfting-Larsen, Pehlivan

Non-realized proyect Roman Vischniac

with the Howard Greenberg Gallery and the collaboration of Anna Cabrera & Angel Albarrán












Studying the Kabala, Kazimierz, 1936

copyright: Marta Vishniac


Colita, Días Laborales

Galería Valid Foto, Barcelona

From September 14 to October 30, 2010

Curator: Fernando Peracho

Coordination: Gemma Buenaventura, Stéphane Breysse



Pentti Sammallahti

Galería Valid Foto, Barcelona 

From April 7 to May 25, 2010

Coordination: Stéphane Breysse 





From December 2009, gallery assistant at VALID FOTO in Barcelona.


Winter 2009-2010

A selection of five photographs exhibited at the fetish shop Boxer.

Photographs by Rick Castro, Geoff Cordner, JB Higgins, Stanley Stellar and Pascal Valu.


 Josef Hoflehner

Galería Hartmann, Barcelona

September 17 to October 26,  2009

Curator: Fernando Peracho

Coordination: Stéphane Breysse














Water Walk, Japan


Albert Watson, CONTACT

Galería Hartmann, Barcelona

April 17 to June 16, 2008

Curator: Fernando Peracho

Coordination: Stéphane Breysse


Fetiches, Una Exposición de Fotografías

Galería Alonso Vidal, Barcelona

November 5 to 13, 2007

Photographs by Mark. I Chester, Rick Gerharter, Michel Guillot, JB Higgins, Stanley Stellar; and Stephen Barker, Kael T. Block, Toni Catany, Rick Castro, Joan Colom, Geoff Cordner, Jordi Cuxart, Ramon Masats, Paco y Manolo, Chantal Regnault, Willy Rojas, among others.

Curator : Stéphane Breysse

Mark Seliger, In My Stairwell

Galería Hartmann, Barcelona

March 23 to May, 34, 2007

Curator: Fernando Feracho

Coordination: Stéphane Breysse


Collaboration with the Kowasa photo bookshop as a sales assistant.

Since 2006