Michel Guillot

Born in France, in 1937. Lives in Paris.


"I did my first photographs in 1972. First, women, then a few couples, before I specialize in the male nude. French magazines Hommes and Jean Paul were the first to publish my images. A collaboration which extended for 18 years. In 1978, a front cover and a portfolio in the US weekly The Advocate was the starting point for my collaboration with U.S. publishers. On occasion I became a model for photographic studios in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco. An experience that allowed me to see from inside, the work of American photographers such as Lou Thomas, co-founder of the Colt Studio.

Today, my creation is made of images of athletes, sometimes photographed naked in a very simple photo set. So far, I have photographed 300 models and over 500 of my images were published in Europe and the United States."