Mark I. Chester

Mark I. Chester was born in 1950 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and moved to San Francisco in 1977.

Since then he has documented his life in San Francisco's gay leather and radical sex underground in black and white photographs. This dark explicit on-going photographic diary mirrors the tremendous changes that have occurred in the gay community from sexual obsession, to loss and grief, through spiritual exploration to sexual healing and back to sexual excess. His black and white images combine elements of normally exclusive photographic genres: fine art photographic portraiture, social documentary work and sexual photography. His work is sexually explicit, socially conscious, politically provocative and artistically taboo. His first book of fine art black and white gay radical sex photographs, Diary of a Thought Criminal was published in 1996.

In 2000, Mark I Chester switched to color digital photography and since then he has continued to document the gay, leather and radical sex communities through personal portraiture.